Kybernos Launch Set for Saturday 3 January 2015

“The Willderschen, a shadowy alliance of some of the most powerful people on the planet, are dead, killed in an explosion.  But why should that matter to Bertram, a lonely middle-aged Physics teacher, to Anita, an overweight schoolgirl escaping her bullies, or to Charles, a toff with more money than sense who thought he was just out on a boozy stag-week with his mates?  And who exactly are the Kybernos?  And why do they need the help of this motley trio to, quite literally, save the world?”

Kybernos will be launched on Saturday 3 January 2015, at which time a full post-read page supporting the book will also go live.  Initially the book will be available from Amazon and KDP.

“This wry and charming story blends elements of sci-fi and fantasy into a sometimes goofy and often funny caper,  It’s pretty much delightful all around.” – Publishers Weekly

Kybernos was a quarter-finalist in the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award 2014.


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