Kybernos e-book

The Kybernos paperback was published on 10 January. The e-book goes live tomorrow, Saturday 17 January. Both are available from Amazon.

The three ARC reviews are positive, which is a great relief.  Now the big challenge is to get the book noticed against the background noise of the many many books published each week.  “Hey, I’m over here!  I’m worth reading!  Truly!”  I fear that may prove more daunting than writing the thing in the first place.

On about 20 January a lengthy new page will appear on this blog-site, specifically for those who have read the book: a sort of after-sales service if you like, giving readers an insight into why things were written the way they were, and also explaining the real science underpinning the story including, yes, retrocasuality.  And there will be a few fun You Tube links too.


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